Covid 19

          Safety Measures

North Berwick Farmers market is closely adhering to the Maine Department of Agricultur, conservation and Forestry's guidelines for farmers markets. 

as a direct to consumer outlet, Farmers markets have been deemed an essential service connecting our local community with a local fresh source of food and other essential products. 

Market Policies

North Berwick Market takes the safety and wellbeing of our customers and vendors seriously. We have implemented the following safety policy. 

1. To space vendor tents a minimum of 6 ft apart to            facilitate compliance with social distancing guidelines.

2. The market layout will allow a one way flow through the market.

3. Hand washing and sanitizing facilities will be provided for our customers.

4. The number of customers in the market at any one time will be limited to allow for compliance with social distancing. 

5. The market committee will keep up to date with the Maine department of agriculture, conservation & forestries, CDC and Maine federation of Farmers markets guidelines for safety measures. 

Measures our vendors are required to follow

1. Do not come to the market if you are feeling unwell or you or anyone you come into contact with are displaying any covid 19 symptoms. 

2. All vendors are required to wear a face mask during market open hours in accordance with state guidelines. 

3. Hand sanitation or washing is required between customers.

4. Contactless payment options are encouraged. Exact amount transactions should be encouraged. If change must be given, use quarantined change (7 days).

5. Arrange booth and checkout to allow for the maintenance of social distancing. 

6. Use of table cloths are not allowed to allow for proper sanitization of tables.

7. All products should be pre packaged.


8. Sampling is not allowed. 

Measures we request our customers follow

1. Do not attend the market if you feel sick, have symptoms of Covid 19 or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of covid 19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath)

2. Limit the number of the members of your household who are attending the market

3. pay attention to market signage and spacing 

4. Maintain social distancing 

5.  Use CDC preventative guidelines for social distancing, wearing face masks, and hand-washing.


6. Don't bring personal shopping bags to the market


7. Do not bring pets to the market.  

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