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North Berwick Farmers Market Association By-laws


The members of the North Berwick Farmers Market Association (the Market) are a group of farmers,
bakers, and local food producers with equal vote and equal share in the running and rules made for the Market each year.
Any vendor who has paid the membership fee for a year is considered a member of the Market and has a vote until the deadline for applications and dues for the following year.
The Market has at least one member meeting annually for market discussion, approval of the budget
and rule changes. Member participation in discussion is open to members of their household. Voting is
limited to one vote per member. It is also at this meeting that the Market's President, Secretary,
Treasurer and two members at-large for the steering committee are elected to one year terms.
All decisions regarding the Association and market operations will be decided at the annual meeting.
All members are encouraged to participate. Failure to attend means forfeiture of voting rights.
Market rules, except Maine Dept. of Agriculture requirements can be changed, added or deleted by a
majority vote of the membership.
The Market president will preside over the meetings of the Market and be responsible for the keeping
of the Markets records including vendor applications, licenses and certificates of insurance.
The Market secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of the Market meetings, maintaining an
up-to-date list of the membership and provide meeting notices.
The Market treasurer is responsible for deposits and disbursements of the Market including dues
collection and to make a complete financial report at the annual meeting.
The management of the Market is the responsibility of the steering committee. The Steering
Committee is comprised of the Markets president, secretary, treasurer and two members at-large. That management includes vendor recruitment and relations, promotion of the market, fund-raising,
community relations and events.
Market dues, season, day, location and hours of operation will be determined by vote at the annual
A vendor can be expelled from the Market by vote of the Steering Committee for failure to comply
with State or Market rules or regulations. Such expulsion can be appealed and over-turned by a 2/3
vote of the membership.

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